Saturday, February 21, 2009
Things I love "The letter R"
Here is how this works... ask the poster to give you a letter, then you choose 15 things that you love that begin with the letter.

1. Richard Rahl
One of my favorite male characters that I have ever met through the pages of a book

2. Rain
I love the rain... I love the rain! I love to dance in the rain, sing in the rain, and jump in rain puddles.

3. Ranch Dressing
This is new for me I never was the biggest fan of ranch but now I love it a lot!

4. Ranches
I love horses and went to a ranch summer camp and loved it... all day in the saddle what more could you ask for?

5. Reading
My all time favorite activity... it doesnt get much better than a good book

6. Reenacting
Its an escape to a place that I can feel more at home

7. Renaissance Faires
I wish I could live the life of a rennie!

8. Romance Novels
For those times when you just want an easy read... nothing to trashy though no harlequin for me

9. Rainbows
So peaceful I used to try to get to the end of the rainbow when I was little... it never worked

10. Red
One of my newer favorite colors... I like the deeper wine colored reds better though

11. Risque
Its just one of my favorite words

12. Rustic Breads
One of the things I miss most about school

13. Rakes
What kinda girl would I be if I didnt want the bad boy?

14. Rutabagas
I love those yummy!

15. Rumpelstiltskin
One of my favorite chidrens stories!
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Thursday, February 5, 2009
What will this day be like, I wonder...
I am in dire dire need of an escape from reality! I want to break free from this bondage that is my job at kindercare! Just to let you know!
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