Monday, April 20, 2009
What do these words mean to you?
A way for people to express the feelings that they cant say to people. Something that takes you over and makes you feel like the song is part of you. No matter what you are feeling there is a song that can match it. Music can take you into its arms and cradle you through all of lifes events.

The people that will always love you no matter the mistakes you make. People you can love and except for who they are and no matter what they do you still love them deep down even though you may feel like you hate them. No matter how many times they let you down or hurt you, you will always be there for them. They are the people you can turn to in your darkest moments.

I have a great appreciation for art. I wish that I could paint and draw... I feel that if I could I would be able to deal with the emotions that I have in better ways. I have always fantasized about being able to express my self on canvas. I have so much respect for artists!

One of my greatest escapes during high school. I love the stress that comes with throwing yourself into a show. I get such feeling of accomplishment when a show closes. I love going to live theatre more than anything thing sometimes. I wish that I would go to more shows to support the cast and crew. I am a firm believer in dressing up when going to see a show no matter where it is... it shows a respect to the cast and crew.

Friendship has its ups and downs. I have been in some amazing friendships that have ended very badly but I will never forget those friends and the experiences I had. I treat my friends like family I put my heart and soul into them and even if they dont stay for very long its all worth it.

Comes in so many different forms. It is a wonderful feeling that can lift you up and drag you into the gutter. Its always a risk but well worth it. There isnt enough love in the world and I wish people could see that.

This is a hard one... women can be good and evil like so many other things. I dont like the games that women play and try not to play them myself.

Also a hard one... men... what to say? I will just leave this blank...

One of my greatest passions. I do not feel at home in this current time period. It is everything I hate. When I do reenacting or ren faires I finally feel a sense of home. There is such a deep appreciation for more things in different times. I love learning random facts about life... I could care less about wars and such although sometimes they are interesting. What I care about is the culture and way of life in different walks of life.

A great way for the masses to see art.

Beautiful! I love feeling the sun on my skin its refreshing but not always what I need.

AHHHHHH! I love rain, water is not my sign but it should be! I love getting caught in the rain its so cleansing. The only thing better than rain is adding thunder and lightning into the mix... I feel like I actually come alive during a storm.

My escape from reality.... its as necessary as air, water, and food for me. I had a friend once who told me I was the most amusing and interesting while I was reading a book. The amount of emotion that crossed my face was astonishing... ok then...
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