Tuesday, April 21, 2009
This was supposed to be published a long time ago but somehow it wasnt
this isnt how it was supposed to be
surrounded by shadows of things I cant see
im not the person I was meant to be
unchain my hands and set me free

living in half truths and lies
watching the soul wither and die
as the clock ticks im filled with sighs
feeling the tears fall as I cry

life has taken a different course
lead by an unknown force
screams escape me until I am hoarse
im here searching for the source

standing on a ledge ready to break
trying to decide which choice to make
two words is all it would take
to relieve the heart ache

thinking about an endless sleep
Im ready to take the last leap
I feel the tears my family will weep
but the pain is just to deep

through the darkness comes a hand
offering to carry me back to dry land
I hear the trumpets in the band
for it is time to take a stand

I need to love me for me
to become the person I want to be
and then a last I can be free
and through this I make my own guarantee
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