Monday, January 31, 2011
I hear the voices of my loved ones through the fog. Every time I reach for them all I find is emptiness. Teasing me with love and warmth and yet leaving me alone and empty. Closed off from everything good and left naked to the cruelty and hurt in the world. Memories and feelings that eat away at my hope. Dragging me further and further down that dark road. I am screaming for help but the words never make it out from between my lips. Begging for mercy. But the fog senses its long lost friend in me. The darkness that has been hidden deep inside that is whispering its haunting seductive song. It wants to be free to eat away at all of my defenses. Turning them against me. Each day the fog creeps closer and closer until its all I can breathe. Each breath poisoning me against myself. Eating away at my strength. Searching for my weaknesses. Feeding the doubts and insecurities until there is nothing to fight back. The darkness breaks free drowning me. Turning everything black until there is no will nor desire to fight. Silence descends and there she reigns.
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